Zeldas Horse Name: Storm – The Unconventional Choice

Ever wondered about the story behind Zeldas Horse Name? Dive into the mystique of gaming legacy and the quest for identity, as players grapple with the perfect name, finding solace in ‘Storm’ amidst a sea of choices.

Explore gamers’ profound connection and bond-making process as they unveil the depth behind a seemingly simple choice in gaming.


In the vast realm of the Legend of Zelda, a franchise known for its rich lore and diverse characters, the name of Zelda’s horse has often been a topic of discussion. While in the main series of games, Zelda’s horse is simply referred to as “Zelda’s Horse,” a different and unique name emerges from the pages of Valiant Comics – Storm.

Zeldas Horse Name: Storm

A Non-Canonical Revelation

The name “Storm” was introduced in the Valiant Comics adaptation of the Zelda universe. It is a series of comic books that provide an alternative take on the beloved video game franchise. However, it is important to note that Valiant Comics are not considered canon in the main Zelda series. The name “Storm” is therefore unique to this particular adaptation. Moreover, its canonicity is a subject of debate among Zelda enthusiasts.

A Name of Power and Grace

Despite its non-canonical status, the choice of the name “Storm” for Zelda’s horse carries a certain allure. Storm is a name that conjures images of power and grace, attributes that resonate with Zelda herself. In the comics, the name Storm befits a horse that shares its name with such a strong and determined princess.

In-Game Name

In the official Legend of Zelda games, Zelda’s horse remains unnamed, simply referred to as “Zelda’s Horse.” However, what makes the world of gaming unique is the flexibility it offers to players. In games, players often name their horses, frequently choosing “Storm” to pay homage to Valiant Comics’ legacy.

Popularity of the Name Storm

A Player’s Choice

The name “Storm” has gained popularity among players for various reasons. It reflects the majestic spirit of Zelda’s horse and resonates with players who appreciate the themes of power and elegance that the name embodies. Moreover, Storm is a name that symbolizes the strong bond between Zelda and her horse, creating a connection that transcends the boundaries of the comics.

Power and Grace

Storm’s popularity can be attributed to the dual nature of the name. It signifies both power and grace, mirroring the characteristics of Zelda herself. Additionally, players find the name Storm fitting for a horse that accompanies the princess on her epic adventures.


In the world of The Legend of Zelda, where legends are forged, and tales are spun, Zeldas Horse Name remains a subject of fascination. While Valiant Comics introduced the name “Storm,” it is vital to acknowledge that this is not considered part of the official Zelda lore. Nevertheless, the name Storm resonates with players, encapsulating the power and grace that define Zelda and her enduring bond with her horse.

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